Steeplechase photography

The underwater steeplechase photo took a fair bit of planning as we only get to cover this event once a year and I don’t get any chances to test out the angles as the pit is filled with water just before the event. So I just had to guess the camera settings/exposures and the underwater image shown was taken at 800 asa f6.4 1/1300th sec. The camera is a Canon 5d mk2 with a 15mm fisheye and the housing used is an Aquatech with a 20 ft cable remote from the side triggered from the side of the pit.

Thanks must go to the QA officials who were very kind to let me put the housing in and as we realised with a 1 foot gap between the back of the steeplechase pit and the front of the steeple framework the housing was reasonably safe from being stood on if the athlete dropped straight down.After the first lap the water got very murky so really only had one go at it on the first lap.
The camera mount box is made from all old tool box and Ive added adjustable feet to change the angle once of the camera, however the main problem was weighing the box and camera down as the housing is designed to float so I strapped 5 kg of weights onto the box and did plenty of testing in the bath in the morning before the event.
The side angle is my Canon mk3 with a 70-210 lense in an EWA Marine bag, fired with the Canon remote.

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