2009 Australia Swimming National Age Championships – Sydney

Sporting Images had 4 photographers covering this event with over 55 000 images taken in all 152 events over the 6 days of competition. Using both Canon and Nikon long lenses and Pocket Wizard remotes (above and underwater for some events) Click Here to view all the images.
This is the second year we have covered this event and images from the 2008 National Age Championships in Brisbane are still available to view in our Archives

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Duane took the underwater images on day 3 and 4 with a Canon 5d mk2 camera and a 70-210 EF lense at 6400 asa 400th at f4. Duane also used the new Nikon VR 500 f4 lense with a Nikon D300 shooting at 400th at 3200 asa for the action and portraits at the start/finish.
Matt used his Nikon D300 camera with a 400 2.8 lense and Lucas had his Canon Mk3 camera with a 400 2.8 lense for the action photos either side and at the end of the pool.
Trent covered the finals action with a Canon mk3 camera and a 400 2.8 lense shooting at 500th at 3200 asa.
After the event completed, it took a team of 3 staff to sort and load all the images onto the website and all 55 000 images were available 5 days after the event.
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